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Mike Wiggins for Mayor Campaign website

Mike Wiggins for Mayor

Developed a representation of Mike Wiggin's 2008 campaign for mayor of Pensacola, Florida. Responsibilities included design, implementation, client interaction, and site content updates.

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Holley Grove is a full - service software, web, and graphics development firm specializing in medium to large business applications.

Holley Grove was founded to fill a void in the Technology industry and create un-compromising elegant and astetically pleasing solutions. We're experts in our field and we don't cut corners on any of our projects, ever.

Let Holley Grove show you how great software can work for you.

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Latest News

Pensacola Blues Redesign

Holley Grove showcases it's graphic abilities with the release of an all-new redesigned website for Pensacola Blues.

Pensacola Community Calendar

Pensacola Business adds a free online, user editable community calendar for the Pensacola area.

Pensacola Forums

Holley Grove has released another great resource for the community, Pensacola Forums, a completely free online forum for Pensacola.

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